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0, Emoji stickers for video, by Chris Martin for PC Advisor. CCs evidence was that in her opinion the Registrant should have escalated the case to LD because the Registrant did not herself agree with the decision. The Panels view was that this inaccuracy in the records was significant from a safeguarding point of view. The line between 27 and 28 seems like an arbitrary line, but I think we found it 28 is my lower limit for too old to interact with Snapchat.  In her witness statement CC states that the Registrant did not adequately discuss the development with FR. I think I finally need to figure out Snapchat. This realization made me Google the phrase Snapchat for Old People. ksl\/HomePage","targetings":"key":"v","value":"homepage","key":"cc","value":"homepage","key":"articleid","value":"","key":"author","value":"andrewadams","key":"pt","value":"article","key":"stca","value":"technology","pos":"top2","size":728,90,970,90,970,250,"breakPoints":"min":"991","max":"","thirdView":"taxonomy":"\/\/ddm. attr(attr), adMakerWithRTB); else // adMaker(); adMakerWithRTB(); ); ; setTimeout(function () KSL.

 While the Registrant was on annual leave in October CC undertook a review of the Registrants cases due to concerns that had been raised in respect of Child F because there had been an incident of physical assault by Child Fs mother. The Panel only has on which both records were finalised which is the same date, 2 July .  The Panel decided that sufficient safeguarding of Child B was achieved because of HBs visit. (c). In respect of Child A: In January , JG, a Social Worker who at that time managed the implementation of the LiquidLogic system and the LiquidLogic Support Team at the Council, was asked by LD to examine a case note of Child E made by the Registrant. 56. ksl\/HomePage","targetings":"key":"v","value":"homepage","key":"cc","value":"homepage","key":"articleid","value":"","key":"author","value":"andrewadams","key":"pt","value":"article","key":"stca","value":"technology","pos":"inline2","size":300,250,728,90,"breakPoints":"min":"730","max":"990","articleFixed":"taxonomy":"\/\/ddm.

Although the Registrants incorrect and inaccurate recording is reprehensible, that recording was not a failure to adequately safeguard Child B. 54. The Panel did not take the view that the Registrants inaccurate duplication of this record would cause confusion for other practitioners. You can start by sending a few chats, and when your friend shows up, start talking or video chatting instantly with one tap. The Panel was unable to identify any other explanation.

Given the overall seriousness of the findings made by the Panel, including the finding of dishonesty, a Conditions of Practice Order would not satisfy the wider public interest in maintaining confidence in the profession and the regulatory process. width() > config. 67. 56. The new Snapchat Chat 2.

On 7 November the Registrant created a record of a statutory visit to Child B for herself which was identical in content to the record made by HB. It was recorded by HB that she appeared settled and relaxed. dfp. ksl\/HomePage","targetings":"key":"v","value":"homepage","key":"cc","value":"homepage","key":"articleid","value":"","key":"author","value":"andrewadams","key":"pt","value":"article","key":"stca","value":"technology","pos":"tabw2","size":300,100,"breakPoints":"min":"551","max":"","mobileGallery":"taxonomy":"\/\/ddm. And still, deep in my soul, I do not understand Snapchat. In the Panels judgment the absence of any previous regulatory disciplinary matters during her long service is a mitigating factor. 146. The explanation of mistake does not readily apply to 1(c)(ii) because the Registrant did not carry out a visit for Child C on 24 July at all.  Mr Dilaimi, who appears for the HCPC, is a barrister who is currently an employee of Kingsley Napley. Particular 3 104. 144. On the other hand, the Panel heard evidence that the Registrant was removed from the capability process prematurely. This is in contrast to the requirement for records to be created within a short time period of the relevant events. During the course of your employment as a Social Worker with Cheshire West and Chester Council, on dates between and November : Last night an old video of me was put out into the world and I cant tell you how embarrassed I am.  CC spoke to the Registrant on her return about issues that had arisen while she was on leave.

Min && $(window). Whatever the basis for the Registrants suspicions there is no evidence that she raised them with her Team Manager or an appropriate senior manager. ksl\/HomePage","targetings":"key":"v","value":"homepage","key":"cc","value":"homepage","key":"articleid","value":"","key":"author","value":"andrewadams","key":"pt","value":"article","key":"stca","value":"technology","pos":"top","size":300,250,"breakPoints":"min":"551","max":"729","taxonomy":"\/\/ddm. I might not have minded this a few years ago. The Panel had reservations about parts of her evidence because the Panels impression was that she was reluctant to make any criticism of colleagues other than the Registrant. Particular 1(e) 77.  The Panel decided that sufficient safeguarding of Child B was achieved because of HBs visit.

Im extremely calculated (most of the time there have been a few slip ups) about what I share on the internet and how I share it. ksl\/HomePage","targetings":"key":"v","value":"homepage","key":"cc","value":"homepage","key":"articleid","value":"","key":"author","value":"andrewadams","key":"pt","value":"article","key":"stca","value":"technology","pos":"fixed","size":320,50,"breakPoints":"min":"0","max":"550","taxonomy":"\/\/ddm. The record created by the Registrant gave the appearance of a visit to Child Es parents, when no such visit had been carried out. ksl\/HomePage","targetings":"key":"v","value":"homepage","key":"cc","value":"homepage","key":"articleid","value":"","key":"author","value":"andrewadams","key":"pt","value":"article","key":"stca","value":"technology","pos":"inline","size":300,250,"breakPoints":"min":"0","max":""), JSON. The Panel considered carefully whether the Registrant was prejudiced by the amendments, particularly because she has not had notice of them. He referred the Panel to two documents completed by the Registrant. It was recorded by HB that she appeared settled and relaxed. dfp KSL.

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One of the mental hurdles I cant get over is why I would want to share a grainy, cheesy version of a photo instead of a nice looking one on Instagram.  Particular 1(b)(i) of the allegation concerns a failure to carry out statutory visits as required under the Children Act . ); else $("#outbrainplaceholder").

Async true; gads. This one is on Cosmo and is basically making fun of me, so I didnt learn as much from it. 13 June ;    2.  The criticism made of the Registrant by CC is that the move of Child A to a semiindependent unit allowed him greater freedom to continue the relationship with Person A.

If an investigation had been carried out earlier, it is possible that the steps to prevent the inappropriate relationship developing further would have been more effective.  On 15 March a referral was made to the Council by the police because a female Child who was the same age as Child F (approximately 12 years old) had alleged that Child F had ually assaulted her.  The Panel accepted the advice of the Legal Assessor and applied the guidance in the HCPC Practice Note Finding that Fitness to Practise is impaired.

The Panels view is that there is a risk of repetition and therefore a significant risk for service users. Yep.